BitCoin was launched as a private program in 2009. Unlike traditional currencies, central monetary authorities such as meat, pounds and dollars are not controlled. Instead, confirm the peer-to-peer network to the computer user. This is similar to the operation of the video Skype chat service.

The basic unit is the bitcoin value. But anyone can, BitCoin can be subdivided into satoses. Satoshi is equal to one percent of BitCoin (that is, bitcoin decimal number divided by 8).

BitCoin and Satoshi Internet users pay for goods or services almost from one person to another. This allows you to transfer without having to worry about expensive international exchange rates and bank charges. Bitcoin currency is bought and sold especially on traditional stock exchanges.

Bitcoin package

To use BitCoin, you need a wallet, a special software that can store, send and receive BitCoin. There are three types of portfolios: software portfolios and mobile wallet combinations.

There is a combination of software that is installed on your computer to give you the power of your portfolio. A smartphone or card installed in a mobile BitCoin wallet that scans and stores daily transactions that read supermarket codes is a quick response (QR). A cloth wallet is a product of the World Wide Web, which exists in the form of cloud storage.

Bitcoin simple solution. Only registered recipients must enter the quantity and wine by pressing “send” a computer created from them and a package on the smartphone. The smartphone can also obtain the recipient’s address by scanning the QR code or using two phones in Field Communication Technology (NFC), that is, it is a form of radio communication that is close to each other. Or you can use BitCoin ABC cash.

It is equally easy to receive the price… Bitcoin your address is given to the payer.

Protect the stock market

The BitCoin wallet is like a bag full of money. In order to reduce the risk of damage is consistent, you will receive warnings, Bitcoin, BitCoin, for example, especially in the most secure online environment. When your wallet is encrypted, they are stolen, and if you have a computer or smartphone, you can use online backup and restore it. Encrypt the network, but allow them to enter a password in order to check yes. Of course, if it’s lost, because you can’t accept it, BitCoin your password. Why you should be sure that because I don’t remember all of you. If the carrot, BitCoin value, then you can store it in the bank vault or file maximum. In order to keep quiet and as much as possible, not all forms of work on the back are online stores, such as USB drives and 400 units. When BitCoin uses this software to download to your computer (laptop or desktop) or smartphone, you will need to update this software to protect your inventory and Minerva time.

Bitcoin is convenient.

Bitcoin means there are many advantages:

  • You can send and receive large amounts of money anywhere in the world, anytime, anywhere.
  • Treatment is now free and free.
  • Novelty, retaining its refund, bitcoin irreversible fraud and credit card sellers
  • Personal data cannot change payments, which is effective in protecting identity theft.
  • Completely clear, predictable or acceptable solution to the process.

Deviant, bitcoin

However, Bitcoin practices have several drawbacks:

  • Do not use generally accepted mechanisms.
  • Its value is based on a larger amount, because the amount is too small, and such a large transaction in Bitcoin can significantly affect its value.

How about Bitcoin?

In short, the answer is, or at least not implied. Bitcoin or investment is exemplified by durability, portability, uniformity and rarity, which is why all traditional character coins (dollar, euro, pound, etc.). You can exchange the value of another currency at the exchange. Or you can use BitCoin ABC cash. Sometimes, the value of BitCoin can vary greatly, and the ratio for the day is 50%. So if in most cases, there is a lot of value. I can’t, lose money in the form of BitCoin. However, a small bitcoin portfolio can be used for small daily transactions and will help you become fully acquainted with the currency. As a messenger, the number of bitcoins increases, and their own value is nothing, otherwise it will. Given a stable currency, you can start using the biggest deal on their behalf.

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