Creating a beautiful piece of furniture is one of the most satisfying feelings that every carpenter can feel. However, the road to this goal is full of traps. Usually, something is wrong or doesn’t work.

Lack of planning

One of the main mistakes is that if you work according to your own plan, you can’t plan your project correctly. Wrong sizes are introduced into the work without being seen and may affect your best intentions. Therefore, taking the time to plan is the most important.

Equipment rest

When you work hard, the piercing point will break or even leave the ghost bit. You may be using a table saw, a power failure suddenly occurs and you will not be able to turn off the machine. When the power suddenly comes back, other tools left on the table saw may damage the blade. There are many things that can go wrong, causing frustration or wasting time.

Hardware defect

After buying and bringing back a beautiful and expensive exotic wood, you will see that it is full of wormholes during the first cut. This is a complete parody. There are weak points or nodes in key structural locations when designing a job. This means going to the lumber shop to buy some wood. It’s a waste of time.

Inaccurate device

The configuration on your computer may change during your work, which may result in inaccuracies detected only too late. For example, when the force of my radial arm is too fast, it tends to get stuck. If I don’t check the parameters, such as the vertical alignment of the blades, the undercuts are a bit distorted and they are not, when precise adjustments are needed. Usually found when putting these pieces together, and then it is too late.

This happens to me many times when I create the framework. The label has a hole in the top surface. This means you have to cut the label and wait for the painting to remain in the frame.

Beginner tips

Beginners may not be sure which way to get the job done. Inserting it on the wrong side may mean that the coin is removed from your hand and thrown onto the coin. It can even cause harm. One way to remember is to always keep yourself from edge motion, whether it’s a circular saw, a trowel or connector, a router or any other machine used.

Machines that can only be powered by blade motion are machines that use a radial arm saw or a sliding miter saw for cross-section. Even in this case, the power supply must be slow and measured, otherwise the blade will remain blocked. Some people like to pull the handle completely, insert the workpiece and cut it by pushing the saw.

A radial saw can be used to insert a saw into a workpiece because it is placed on the fence and the saw moves. In all other cases, this is not the case. Use planer knives for cutting.

Look at the direction in which the edge moves and move in the opposite direction of movement. In other words, if the cutting edge moves toward you, introduce it.

Never work with your hands near the blade. Involuntary movements and accidents have occurred. Use a putter near the blade. The most important thing is to think about what you are doing and not to imagine the beauty of your daughter. Absolutely focus on problematic work. I had some accidents while the blood was flowing, but fortunately no limbs were lost.

Once, I switched off when I cut with a circular saw. I put the lock on the blade and I forgot to take it off again. When the power returns, the saw falls across the table onto the floor, damaging the blade. The accident is very easy to happen. Use planer knives for cutting.

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