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OnSite / OnPage Website Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is useful and important!

Is your website not found on interesting search engine positions? By positioning your website well on search engines you will get high quality visitors and prospects for your offers.

While many have been thinking of SEO in the last few years, many have thought of backlinks – but technical on-page SEO has often been neglected. Sophisticated SEO tools provide support, but they can not replace experience and professional optimization by SEO experts

OnPage search engine optimization

OnPage SEO – This area of ​​search engine optimization is often referred to as Editorial Search Engine Optimization and iw describes all the actions that can be performed in search engine optimization directly on your website.

The goal of OnPage search engine optimization is to optimize your website in such a way that all technical parameters, the structure and also the content (see: Content Optimization ) fulfill all requirements in order to be listed as high as possible in the result pages for relevant search queries.

OffPage Search Engine Optimization

The Linkbuildung / backlink building is the linking your website from other sites and was often abused in the past for dubious purposes.

Backlinks are still important today, but the backlink buildup should be done naturally . Seriously, you can achieve this goal through good content . Old SEO methods, such as building an artificial backlink structure, are definitely a thing of the past.

Our affordable SEO agency service

We deal mainly with the on-page search engine optimization and provide for the technical site optimization and content optimization  to. If you want SEO monitoring and SEO support for your website, you will also receive backlink tips for your website from the SEO – Medium package.

Is SEO still useful and important today?

  • With a better ranking, you get more website visitors: Targeted search engine optimization will make your homepage even more successful. It appears at top positions in the organic search results (see image right – area SEO) on Google and other search engines.
  • You can secure competitive advantages: Sustainable, reputable search engine optimization ensures you decisive competitive advantages in the battle for the coveted top spots in search engines.
  • You can lower your advertising costs in the long term: Investing in the optimization of your website pays off in the long run and is one of the most cost-effective ways to promote your business online in the medium to long term .

Affordable SEO Agency Offers & Prices

You are looking for an SEO agency and have many questions: You want to know what SEO costs? Which billing models are there for Cheap SEO Services? Which SEO hourly rates and which SEO contract terms are common?

We will try to provide you with some facts below and show you our general conditions.

How much does SEO cost?

We can not offer you a universally valid answer. The cost of SEO depends on the size, the billing model of your affordable SEO agency, SEO hourly rates but more on that below.

Which SEO billing models are there?

The models are usual: one-time, monthly and successful – most often you will find the monthly billing model. We offer the model “unique” and the model “monthly” for SEO monitoring packages and the SEO support!

Which SEO hourly rates are usual?

With SEO agencies and freelancers you pay on average 75, – to about 150, – Euro per hour. Our SEO hourly rate is 120, – EUR / hour.

Which SEO contract terms are there?

Iconaro does not require you to set a fixed term – you can hire us for one-time Cheap SEO services if you:

  1.  see SEO needs,
  2.  changes to your site,
  3. plan a website relaunch, and at the same time for a monthly Opt for SEO monitoring package.

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