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Configuration Which Support The Best Graphics Card

best graphics cards for gaming

We often underestimate that the best graphics card is like a car engine: it is useless to have a Ferrari engine inside a Fiat Panda! In fact, to ensure that our graphics card is used to the best of our configuration we must pay attention to the general configuration of our PC, especially the motherboard, the processor (CPU) and the power supply.

The motherboard

The motherboard must in fact support our graphics card, which to date have almost all attack PCI-e 3.0 x16. If we have a PCI-E 3.0 graphics card and mount it on an incompatible motherboard it may not work or create the typical “bottleneck” where the performance is sacrificed due to a funnel effect that does not allow to squeeze the power of the our GPU. To make sure that our motherboard is compatible, it is better to check the model on the official website of the manufacturer and check the number of Pci-Express attacks (x4, x8 or x16) and if they are PCi-Express 3.0.The value x4, x8, x16 indicates the bandwidth between motherboard and GPU. Many graphics cards do not take full advantage of the X16 band but at the same time for many GPUs the x8 standard does not guarantee an adequate flow. Obviously it is always better to bet for X16 slot and x16 graphics card.

The motherboard manufacturer is indifferent to the graphics card we decide to choose, as long as it supports the Pci-Express standard, which is always backwards compatible.

It is also important to make sure that the motherboard and especially our case is adequate for the length and height of the graphics card that we choose, especially in the case of custom GPUs with 3 fans or with liquid heatsink that take up more space. The description of the motherboard and the case shows the maximum length and height values ​​supported for the best graphics card. Let us remember that good circulation of air is essential to ensure longevity and performance to our PC.

Processor (CPU)

Having a dated processor and a next-generation best graphics card could create a performance bottleneck in the same way. Obviously the more the CPU is recent and high-end and the higher the performance will be achieved in conjunction with our graphics card.

Some processors do not have the proper technology to make the most of the Best graphics card, for example on some motherboards for AMD processors the Pci-Express 3.0 slot is enabled with AMD FM2 + line processors and not with FM2. Also in this case we must make sure that the processor and motherboard are adequate for the graphics card we want to take. Just pay attention to the specifications of the motherboard and the processor to see if we can make the most of our graphics card.

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