Modern era has grown up a lot a lot in the field of style. The 2018 is just not n numbers but the increase of times of the advancement of the style industry. People has got new mode of decorating themselves. Earlier styling was limited up to the clothes and accessories whereas now the dictionary has got enlarged by the inclusion of another name of styling which is tattoo. It has got viral among the mass. The number of tattoo and the meaning of each tattoo is what the people are craving these days. Girls and boys everyone are in the mood of creating designs in the body be it monochromatic or dichromatic.


A tattoo is an art consisting of different textures or designs with wide variety of shapes be it any contemporary designs or be the art of portrait of any personality you follow or the face of any family member in the course of memory. Many of them do get inked of any super heroes or any cartoon characters. All have a significant meaning . many people get inked of any quotes, just to make them aware about their believance in it. So the procedure is very lucid yet a bit painful if you have thought of getting a tattoo in the sensitive areas like behind the neck , or in the fingers or at the feet . unless if you get anesthesia before doing the tattoo, you feel the part senseless and thereby the work gets easier. When you ask for more colours in the tattoo , you get your tattoo coloured which thereby makes your tattoo more bright and vibrant in look. Generally people do have a tendency to make tattoo at the wrist to make it visible whereas some make at the back to give a bold look.


Though the tattoos are good in appearance , they do enhance your features but at the same time you are playing with your skin and that is not going to come in easy price. As the ink that is used is basically carcinogenic so when it is treated or used in the skin it leads to the contamination or may cause skin cancer or serious skin damage. The ink when being inserted in the body do react with the dermis and endodermis ultimately lead to some serious skin diseases.

To conclude, the idea of styling is cool and trendy and when you engage yourself in any kind of stuff that is in air makes you in cloud nine. Since tattoo is the new talk in the glamour world and is meant to sharpen your features and enhancing your beauty of that body part , sometimes do lead you the confidence of owning yourself and make you feel unique in your own way. besides the glamour part of the tattoo the side effect are also harsh and the most important thing to keep in mind is transfusion as the needle used once should be disposed and should be strictly prohibited in its second usage as it leads to the transfusion of diseases.

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