Creating a good thumbnail (youtube thumbnail downloader) for your videos is much simpler than it sounds. But still, as we have seen, it is a key to its success, so it must be done with great care. Next, check out the step-by-step to create good thumbnails and be more successful with your channel.

Know the right size

Today, thumbnails do not need to be as small in size as most of the hosting platforms size down according to the video display location. So we recommend the size of 1280 × 720 pixels for your thumbnail, so you get maximum resolution regardless of size. If you want to make a slightly smaller image, try to keep within the ratio 16: 9.

Choose a program to create your thumbnail

Of course, to create your own thumbnail (youtube thumbnail downloader), you will need an editing program, right? We separated some options for you, according to difficulty and customization:

Flimbo – Very easy to use
Here you can create your thumbnail quickly and easily from pre-established models – created in partnership with Samba Tech. Just by clicking and dragging you can change icons, put new images, swap titles and make thumbs extremely attractive.

Canva – Easy to use

This is an extremely useful platform for creating graphic pieces of various types. For thumbnails, there are already some templates available for free, from which you can change the text, the background image, among others. It is quite simple, allows customization and you can pay for a more beautiful template, if you use a lot.

Fotor – Intermediate

Another online publisher, with some free resources and other paid. It is also simple to manipulate and allows you to create your thumbnail (youtube thumbnail downloader) easily and practically.

Adobe Photoshop – Requires advanced editing skills

Photoshop editing is harder to fiddle with for those unfamiliar with Photoshop – but it’s a handy software for creating various types of images, as well as having numerous features. You can download a 30-day free trial on the Adobe website to test the program.

Choose the image you are going to use

Originally, the thumbnails (youtube thumbnail downloader) were just a catch of an interesting moment in the video, which could draw attention to the entire content. Today, some other more personalization trends have already emerged. Analyze your content, and especially your audience, to be able to decide the best strategy for your channel.

If your channel and content are more relaxed, for example, feel free to use a comic print of your video – because an image does not deliver so much of the content, you can present the heyday of your video. Think about what will appeal to your audience specifically. A good example, still from the RezendeEvil channel , is the video “Giant chewing gum with helium gas and it flew”. Think of it this way: if the video cover was a regular chewing gum, you could doubt the fact of the youtuber , or just not feel interested. However, the picture already shows the result – the bubblegum full and floating – which already attracts you to the video.You can also edit and combine some images. The Jubilut , for example, combines an image related to the theme with a capture your video, in which he will explain about it.

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