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In 2018, Fortnite Crushed Its Rival PUBG Mobile On Ios

The iOS version of Fortnite has garnered nearly half a billion dollars in 2018. That’s almost five times more than PUBG Mobile. While the ergonomics of the iOS version of Fortnite leaves much to be desired, especially in comparison to other platforms better adapted to its gameplay, this does not prevent Epic Games from meeting a frank and relentless success on the App Store. Apple. According to Sensor Tower figures released January 7, 2019, Fortnite (fortnite cheats) on iOS reported $ 455 million in 2018. That equates to an average daily expense of $ 1.6 million since launching in March. It must be said that the 2018 phenomenon ended the year like a cannonball, garnering revenue estimated at $ 69 million (+ 83% compared to November!). A new record in this area that largely offsets the decline after the July peak ($ ​​59.3 million). Since its release on the App Store, Fortnite has been downloaded nearly 83 million times.

Faced with this huge turnover that does not take into account the dollars injected into the Google Play Store (since Fortnite does not exist), PUBG Mobile can only bow. On iOS, the title of Bluehole, which made his fame on Steam, has stored only $ 100 million – almost five times less than his eternal rival. The trend after the first seven days of availability finally spread throughout the year. To stay in the comparisons, Pokémon Go had almost reached the billion dollars of revenue in 2016 and reported $ 800 million in 2018 – but cumulative iOS and Android. We say that Fortnite should not be so far from the account. Find out more.

Fortnite: what is the latest patch?

In full week of gamescom and while Season 5 is in full swing, Epic Games has updated Fortnite. What’s new in the program? Epic Games took advantage of gamescom week to deploy a new patch for Fortnite (fortnite cheats), the most media game of the year 2018. In version 5.30, the game of survival and multiplayer construction first adds a new very interesting object : the rift ready.

Directly related to the main theme of the current fifth season, the Ready Fault takes the form of a globe that allows players to “create a fault for themselves or their allies. There is a way to escape a certain death by dodging the danger, knowing that your opponents will be able to follow you in your attempt to escape.

In short, the Ready Fault is an opportunity for fans to experiment with new ways to move on the map and we imagine that some will not hesitate to combine the object with other tools at their disposal to make nice videos to share on social networks.

Epic Games has also replaced Tomato Town with the Tomato Temple on the map. According to the information provided by Polygon on August 23, 2018, this new place overcomes some defects found on the former, in the wake of the loot uninteresting. Filled with things to recover, the Tomato Temple offers the opportunity to land in a usually sparsely populated area. Not satisfied with ensuring lore side (tomatoes should be popular in the coming days with Tomatohead challenges), the studio continues to rectify the shooting by listening to the community’s feedback.

To finish this little overview, knowing that the patch ensures its patch of fixes, a member of Reddit forums, named / Flqmingg, discovered that we could now thank the driver of the bus responsible for bringing us into the game. Another trick that will make you talk.

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