Most are Ben Affleck from romantic comedies of the Hollywood dream factory known. He showed his heroic side in action strips like Armageddon and Pearl Harbor. His personal life is equally exemplary, married to actress Jennifer Garner, who is mostly seen in easily digestible comedies. The couple has three children and the marriage has been going on for ten years. But Ben Affleck also has a dark secret, which is of course no longer a secret thanks to the gossip press: he is a gambler. In the Hard Rock Casino เว็บแทงบอล in Las Vegas he has no gaming and some more casinos are said to have banished him.

But not because he is a player who can not resist, but because he plays too well! His favorite game is Blackjack, the famous card game with the winning value of 21. In May 2014 again played a game before he had to start new filming. After a while he was politely asked by the security staff to attend another game. He was caught doing the counting. Not quite as impressive as Dustin Hoffman in his epic role of the autistic “Rain Man”, but successful enough to upset the casino เว็บแทงบอล oversight.

It is not forbidden by itself to count the cards at Blackjack. If you can do it, you will gain an edge over the bank, and the casinos will not tolerate it. The polite sacking should have taken place with a ban on life. The staff feared that he could repeat a success in 2001 and win the $ 800,000. This sum he could have gotten at blackjack then.

But he lost in 2011 at his second passion, poker, half a million dollars at a tournament. What else would have been the annihilation of their own existence, the heavy star could handle well. Nevertheless, he is said to have been several times in detoxification clinics, his marriage should have been already on the loose. Even if money does not matter, addiction becomes a problem. With the banishment from many casinos, the card counter will probably have passed the pleasure. But his case is also not a good advertisement for the casinos เว็บแทงบอล in Las Vegas, because it seems, who plays too well, who flies.

Stars in trouble

Another mother-in-law favorite was the poker game to fatal. Tobey Maguire showed as Spiderman his tendency to risk. In 2011, however, he went in the real life of the prosecutor of Los Angeles on the net because he is said to have participated in illegal poker sessions.

Again and again, such games are held in chic hotels or exclusive celebrity flats. Maguire had the misfortune to have had too much luck on hand. He had stabbed the investor Ruderman a couple of times. The desperate investor lost millions and figured he could offset the losses with his clients’ money. He was, however, sentenced to ten years in prison and a trustee demanded the money back from the players – including Tobey Maguire. Overall, the trustee demanded over $ 5 million from the players, more than $ 300,000 should Maguire repay. It also agreed to a lower sum, also to avoid the lawsuit for illegal gambling. The Spiderman actor testified to the last, not knowing that it was an unlicensed game. This profit has spoiled the actor’s mood. The passionate poker player will probably ask for exactly this incident when he is invited to the game. The real unlucky ones, however, are the clients of the criminal investor who allegedly gambled $ 25 million.

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