Does your midnight toast contain a resolution to improve your financial situation?

2018 gives you the opportunity to start over and simplify your financial life. We’ve put together some tips to help you manage your bills, track costs, and actually use your money to handle what you really want. This is what you have to do.

Get a strict budget

If you want to get a head start on finance, it’s important to understand your position and develop a realistic strategy to achieve your current and future financial goals. You might think that the budget comes from the old school, but it’s still the best way to help you manage your income and expenses. If you already have a budget, be sure to check it to make sure it is right for you in 2017.

Don’t make the budget cumbersome or complicated. All you have to do is download the budget app on your mobile device to track your costs. When we say that you are tracking your fees, we will mention all the items you purchased with your credit card, debit card and cash. Even after a month of follow-up, you will find that your funds are used to plan future expenses.

Check all statements

Make sure you book once a month to see all your bills and statements. It’s a good time to find the product you are paying for, but you no longer need it, or especially something you can reduce. Truebill is a great online app that helps you discover interest rate hikes or extra fees, and even automatically renew your subscription.

Check out your caisse online money management tool

Credit unions provide online tools to help you with financial management. How can I save money for this sports car, dream house or children’s toy? How much does this cottage need to save on the coast? What kind of investment is best for me? Play with your calculator to make your financial decisions easier. If you want to budget and track expenses, check out your free personal financial management software, which adds all of your financial relationships and helps you set goals.

The financial calculator will help you understand the power of APR, YPAs, depreciation and currency. Just log in to your caisse website and select one that shows the categories you are interested in:

Always be prepared for the accident.

As we all know, life can draw curves. Challenges in life, such as losing your job or medical problems, can put you in a debt crisis. You may have heard of this, so you must set up a contingency fund that can cover three to six months. Even if you can only save a little bit each month, you can buy a financial mat.

Cut debt

Do you only make a minimum payment for your credit card or other large debts? Did you know that this means that you mainly pay interest and hardly reduce your current balance? An effective way to reduce debt is to focus first on your higher interest balance while continuing to make smaller, timely payments for all other commitments. When you repay the high interest rate debt, please pay attention to the remaining maximum balance and continue until you are no longer in debt.

When your financial obligations are really out of control, combining your debts into a single payment can bring you the relief you need. Simplifying multiple debts into one monthly payment can help you pay your bills faster. Your choice includes your property rights, personal loans and interest-free credit card balance transfers.

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