The most expensive mischief of Loki was to cut Sif’s hair. When her husband Thor found out, he was about to break every one of Loki’s bones if it did not happen because he swore to Thor that he would get Sif to grow golden hair, as well as satisfy Odin and Freyr. for his audacity.

Loki went in search of dark elves, known as the sons of Ivaldi, to make golden hair for Sif, as well as other great gifts for Odin and Freyr. Ivaldi’s children were renowned for being the best craftsmen and he thought he was sure that there would be no better gift to compensate for his mischief.

Loki’s vanity led him to boast of the creations of Ivaldi’s children saying that there would be no dwarf able to create something more beautiful and more useful, putting his own head as the price of the bet. Brothers Brokkr and Sindri accepted the challenge willingly. They used pig skin for the offering to Freyr, gold for the offering to Odin and iron for the offering to Thor (Mjolnir). Loki, who did not want to leave anything to chance, transformed into a fly, entered the smithy of the dwarves, and biting them tried to make his creations fail, and finally Loki was the only one who failed.

Brokkr and Loki showed up in the lands of Ásgard so that the Gods themselves would judge what offerings were most beautiful and useful. Loki introduced Skidbladnir to Freyr, a ship that once the sail was lifted would always have the wind in favor and that at the same time it was so flexible that Freyr could carry it in a pocket. Odin gave Gungnir, a spear that when released would always reach its goal. To Thor, he returned the new golden hair to his wife.

Then Brokkr presented his gifts. To Odin gave him Draupnir, a gold ring from which each night eight rings of the same value would arise. Freyr was presented with Gullinbursti, a boar that could run through the air and the sea faster than any other animal, and that would illuminate wherever it went, no matter how dark it was. Finally, Thor gave him Mjolnir, a hammer with which he could hit as hard as he wanted, he could be thrown to any target without missing, and that would always return to his hand.

The Gods decided that Mjöllnir was the best of all the gifts, since it would be worth defending them from the Hrímþursar (Giants of the frost), and they gave Loki as loser of the bet. Brokkr wanted to take his prize, but Loki first fled and later with arduous tricks he managed to keep his head on his neck. Brokkr, to prevent him from lying again, used a belt called Vartari to sew his lips.

Rune’s Witchcraft – Thurisaz

To be a rune wizard, you must have a well-constructed spiritual hall. This will be your favorite chair or separate room where you will perform the rune work. The dedication to perform rune work is necessary to use your ideas rather than your physical tools for optimal output.

Don’t let anyone sit in a chair or touch your tool. You just want to immerse the chair and tools while vibrating.Once you have reviewed all the initial exercises of Runic Sorcery, you will do all the hard work with your own ideas.This is one of the main differences between a rune magician and a rune wizard. An rune magician uses his physical tools and must always have them.A rune wizard establishes his thoughts, mental images and the resonant frequencies of all his tools. No matter where you go, it will give you a spiritual understanding, you can use them anytime, anywhere. Use your Magic Rune notebook every day. Put your thoughts on what you do and your results, whether positive or negative, while your runes are running.

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