What is a call center solution?

AI call center solutions are products and services that meet the specific needs of customers. They help maintain customer relationship management (CRM). The company’s telephone service provider manages cloud-based call center solutions. This means that the company has all the services of the call center, but the configuration is not too complicated. The services provided by the call center solution guarantee high reliability. The data generated by the AI call center is stored on the cloud and on the enterprise server.

The type of call center solution.

There are several types of call center solutions: –

Inbound Call center

An incoming call center solution helps companies answer incoming calls. This type of call center solution is a combination of an inbound call facility and a call center solution. This means that all incoming calls (incoming calls) within the company are handled and processed by the call center solution.

Outgoing call center

Outbound call center solutions help companies conduct market research. This means that the company wants to make all calls through a call center solution. It’s like a combination of out-of-town facilities and call center solutions. They help leaders and clients expand.

Virtual call center

Virtual call center solutions are used by businesses that do not have a central location. It also applies to businesses in many places. As a virtual call center solution, you cannot see the service provider or agent that answers the call, many of which can work anywhere.

Mixed call center

As the name implies, the joint call center solution combines entry and exit services. They are used by companies that want to conduct market research and want to track incoming calls.

Offshore call center

Offshore call centers are the type of call center solution for outsourced companies. They save the company’s indirect costs. The company uses offshore call center solutions for businesses outside of its core business.

Contract call center solution

When the call center solution contacts the center, the range of customers with voice communication is broader.

Call Center has Web enabled

As the name suggests, Web-enabled call center solutions allow customers to use their computers to invoke Web services. The call center provides all services over the network.

What is AI?

From that day on, the call center must understand the concept of artificial intelligence. Curiosity continues to grow in the minds of several call center solution providers. They want to know how to use artificial intelligence. In fact, artificial intelligence covers a range of technologies, such as speech synthesis, automatic speech recognition, sound-like voice and real-time data management.

Learn about several ways of artificial intelligence.


This is one of the most commonly used forms of AI. This form of artificial intelligence is used to transform customer relationship management data into speech synthesis. This facilitates the automatic speech recognition process. After the conversion, the converted text identifies the customer’s problem and resolves the issue. AI helps to read complex numbers such as PIN codes, stock valuations, price codes, and more. It also includes regional languages ​​and not all dialects. You can convert text to speech regardless of voice, pitch and volume.

Automatic speech recognition

Automatic speech recognition with RVI. This helps to understand the pulse of the customer and its problems. Because IVR is associated with automatic speech recognition, the process of simplifying the application is very simple and fast. It also filters calls based on the importance of potential customers.

A sound that sounds like a human.

All the sounds recorded under the AI ​​system sound like human voices. This means that whenever a person receives a call from an AI, it sounds like a person is talking. This gives the call recipient a personal touch and does not want to talk to the robot.

Data management

Although AI converts data to audio format, this does not mean that there is no data left. With AI, copies of data are stored as text and numbers. This helps in the management and storage of data. When does the call center solution comply with AI? So far, you know what AI is, what type they are, what the call center solution is and what their type is. Now, it’s time to know what happens if you combine the two.

Accurate and timely analysis

AI call center used in call center solutions helps with analysis. This is possible because AI can recognize trends in hours, weeks or months. Over time, they help to analyze the questions people ask about the business. If we use a traditional call center solution for this analysis, it will take a long time and the results may be inaccurate.

Improve performance quality.

Artificial intelligence can be an integral part of an agent’s quality performance. In fact, agents cannot collect all the data and store them in one place. On the other hand, the agent cannot convert all the text into speech that the AI ​​completes in a matter of seconds. As a result, artificial intelligence combined with call center solutions helps agents focus on other tasks to improve performance.

Give a little personal touch

Since artificial intelligence has a predictive operation of speech analysis, speech is similar to human speech. Therefore, whenever the caller hears this sound, he will find it true and understand. In this way, people who call the call center solution feel that they are talking to real people about their problems. This makes the session effective and helps to understand the customer’s behavior.

Therefore, we can say that the call center solution is very beneficial to the company, but when combined with AI, it can bring additional impetus to the business. This is only possible if AI plays a very important role in the call center solution.

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