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Why Are Luxury Watches Made In Switzerland So Popular?

For many people, Luxury watches made in Switzerland have something magical about it. Some are willing to spend hundreds of euros for a watch made in Switzerland while they could just as well buy a timepiece made in China for a few euros. What makes watches made in Switzerland so irresistible?

More than their functionality

Audemars Piguet, Omega , Rolex , Breguet, Cartier, Patek Philippe: most of the most famous and most expensive watches in the world are made in Switzerland. Why buy a watch at 800 euros when you can know the time by looking at a perfectly functional watch that will only cost you a few euros? Because you do not buy a Swiss watch simply to know the time.

The art of watchmaking

One of the reasons these brands are so popular is due to their rich history. The art of watchmaking has disappeared from most parts of the world except Switzerland. Although it was not the first country to make wristwatches, Switzerland was – and still is – the most ambitious and resilient country in the field. That’s why Luxury watches made in Switzerland are the result of know-how, age-old craftsmanship and a rich history of perseverance and chess.

Building to last

To understand why watches made in Switzerland are so popular, you must know the high quality standards used in the manufacture of these watches. A watch made in Switzerland is not simply a fashion accessory: it is an object made to last several generations. From the hands to the case, every element of a Swiss watch differs from the productions of other countries.

The solid steel housings – which explains the weight of the Swiss Luxury watches – guarantee their maintenance over time and their resistance to wear. In addition, solid steel is highly resistant to rust and can be repolished to eliminate scratches. Most Swiss watches have a scratch-resistant synthetic sapphire crystal, guaranteeing a watch in very good used condition for many years. The movement of Swiss watches is assembled by hand which ensures – thanks also to the use of metal gears – the high quality of the internal mechanisms. Not only are watches manufactured in Switzerland designed to last, but the use of high-quality materials makes it possible to repair scratched or damaged parts.

A luxurious appearance

And then there is the style. In addition to the quality and tradition of Swiss watchmaking, there is also design. Many efforts have been devoted to their appearance, and these Luxury watches have a look that is both innovative and timeless. Due to the use of high quality materials, Swiss timepieces also have a luxurious appearance. Audemars Piguet, for example, uses gold screws for many of its Royal Oak models, while the use of high quality steel and silver gives Breguet watches a luxury. Skeleton watches revealing their extraordinary internal mechanism are also highly sought after.

Find the right balance

And because everything is possible when one seeks a little, the most astute those for whom aesthetics and notoriety prevail over all will even be able to access instruments bearing beautiful signature for a sum equal to or substantially greater than 1000 euros. It is impossible to mention all the brands that, like Baume & Mercier with My Classima, Frédérique Constant with the Horological Smartwatch, Longines with the Conquest VHP or Michel Herbelin with the French Embassy, ​​are awarded significant efforts in production to remain below this price.\

But watchmaking is plural and it takes something for everyone. Also, some amateurs will prefer to pay about 25 to 30% more to have a watch which, stamped with the Hallmark of Geneva, has finishes in conformity with their idea of ​​the luxury. Because, in the end, even if the watch is a social marker and the luxury pieces are above all objects of art whose price is forgotten for the benefit of quality and lasting value, which prevails on everything, it is the pleasure that one derives from offering it and, above all, from wearing it.

If you are looking to buy a unique watch, handcrafted with high quality materials, built to last and with love: the “Swiss made” is for you. You will find a large number of Luxury watches made in Switzerland in our weekly watch auctions . In addition, they are perfect collection items, because not only is a Swiss watch made to last, but it is, moreover, eternal.

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